Alt-F provides a free and open source alternative firmware for the DLINK DNS-320/320L/321/323/325/327L and DNR-322L.

Alt-F has Samba and NFS; supports ext2/3/4, VFAT, NTFS, BTRFS; RAID 0, 1, 5 (with external USB disk) and JBOD; supports up to 8TB disks; rsync, ftp, sftp, ftps, ssh, lpd, DNS and DHCP servers, DDNS, fan and leds control, clean power up and down... and more.

Alt-F also has a set of comprehensive administering web pages, you don't need to use the command line to configure it.

Besides the built-in software, Alt-F also supports additional packages on disk, including ffp and Entware packages, that you can install, update and uninstall using the administering web pages

Alt-F is being developed and tested on a DNS-323-rev-A1/B1, a DNS325-rev-A1, a DNS-320L-rev-A1 and on a DNS-327L-rev-A1 hardware boards. Other models and boards are said to work.

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User Reviews

  • Amazing work! Have a DNS 321 in service for ages. Recently upgraded all LAN devices to Win10 and didn't want to re-enable SMB ver1. SMBv2 not supported by D-Link firmware and device EOL so not going to happen. Rescued by this firmware! Poor results would be the result of bad planning IE no backup strategy and not following the instructions. Locate the bin file for your hardware, reboot the device, apply the firmware, reboot and let Alt-F complete all system checks before you do anything. My IP didn't change between Dlink and Alt-F firmware however when you try to access the webUI it takes you to a Status page that doesn't require a login. If you try to access any of the other menus it will prompt you to set a password and then defaults to a Wizard setup. Be careful here as this is where you could inadvertently wipe/reformat the drives. Really good stuff. Thanks guys.

  • After learning shortly after I purchased a DLink DNS-325 NAS Server that it was actually already discontinued by DLink and unfortunately I was not eligible for a return, I had tried to use it as is with their default firmware. All support references to it was removed from the DLink Support Site so I basically relegated the device to the scrap heap. It was completely unusable with its default Firmware and no mirrors provide any updates from DLink if there were any. For a couple of years the server sat in a bin collecting dust. Until just recently I was doing a search for Served and Network Monitoring and somehow by chance I came across this 3rd Party Firmware developed independently by a Developer who had developed this Firmware Replacement a number of years ago with the 1.0 Release only coming out about a year ago. I was somewhat hesitant at first as I have seen a number of similar those or Firmware replacements either only work with a very select few devices, not support full functions, and or just not work at all unless you had a PHd. After reading the Release Notes and the reviews, and taking definite note of the thoroughness of the Release did I decide to pull my DNS-325 out of the bin, slapped 2 1TB HDDs in it and followed the Installation notes. I was very impressed with how thorough the Release Notes were with regards to all the devices supported and some nuances with certain models. The Installation was absolutely simple and worked first time right out of the box so to speak. The Firmware not only did what it said it would, but it fully supported all the hardware features and configuration options. The Firmware does not support all of the kitchy applications that DLinks Firmware support but if you have knowledge of Linux and utilizing the huge number of services that one could install and use, you will feel right at home. The Firmware Replacement fully supports your RAID options as well as any configuration your comfort level allows. It handles the full multitude of configuration options one could want, need, or use on a simple 2 Bay (2 Disk with a 3rd being a USB connected disk) NAS Server. It will let you install a Debian Linux Version from which all supporting Services and Apps will run. Full Status Information, and all the current File Systems (as of 2019). The ability to configure pretty much any server type you may require, and well as full support for your NAS options make this Firmware one of the best Firmware Replacements I've seen. The best part is it a tualky fully works as it says it does! Even more impressive was the developer who authored this wonderful bit of code is active with its development, and is always ready to lend a hand should you find your self in a pickle as I did when a very plausible mistyped on my part in the settings caused the Firmware to no longer load the WebUI, I created a Post on the Google Forum Board the Firmware and in only a few days he responded to my Post with a few question to help identify what may have caused the problem, how to possibly correct the issue, and noted what he states is in fact a bug in the code, even though it was likely my erroneous entry that caused the issue. Based on his thoroughness with the Releases I have no doubt he will Author a change to the code to protect against such entries in a future Release. It's not often you come across a Firmware Replacement that is a well done as this, that works exactly as claimed, is simple to use, and easy to setup, though having a basic understanding of Linux is a definite plus, and where the Developer is actively supporting the project. These are all very rare. In this case it's an amazing combination and one where I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Firware Replacement to anyone who's got any of the support DLink Devices. Whether your using the default DLink Firmware and are looking for new ways to use your device or if you've got a model like me where DLink has pulled any and all support for their device, you will definitely want to check this out. It's very impressive. I would also like to just make a comment to those users who have left reviews warning that this Firmware will wipe all of your drives etc etc.... While there is a chance this could happen, the instances such as NOT following the install instructions or changing your hardware configuration MAY cause such instances, however the Developer of this Firmware Replacement has CLEARLY defined how and with what configurations this can happen with. It goes with out saying that ANY time you install a Firmware update or upgrade on ANY DEVICE with ANY FIRMWARE this risk has ALWAYS EXISTED. Therefore it should go with out saying that you should ALWAYS make a backup of your data before attempting any such update. If you did not heed this warning provided by the Developer in the Release/ Install Notes, and did not back up your drives first, then it is completely on you should they get wiled out and you lose all of your data. While I can assure you that of all the Firmware Upgrades and Updates I have done through the years, this one is the best one to date. Always back up your data before ever attempting to change your firmware. If the risk to your data is too great then don't attempt such a change.. The Developer in this case has done a very good job of ensuring such issues do not occur but certain configurations must wipe out the previous file systems. This is your risk to take and make sure you've read the installation notes and follow all of the warnings. However not every eventuality can be accounted for. Installing any Firmware even a fa toy provided updaye could put you at the exact same risk. Be prepared and back up your data FIRST! Cheers

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  • I recently upgraded my DNS-323 NAS with ALt-F firmware. Indeed, I did not want to re-activate SMB1 in my Windows 10 network. Upgrade and configuration have been quite straightforward - though I am not a true IT expert - and my NAS has been working now extremely safe for the last ten days. Great job, and thanks a lot for this product that I really recommend to any DNS-323 owner.

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  • 欧美人与动欧交视频|亚洲日本香蕉视频观看视频 Wow thank you so much. Who gets support for anything over a year old, and this DNS-323 toaster box is 12 years old! Amazing. Thank you devs for making this happen and staying updated! About to throw in an 8GB WD, hoping it works! Edit: Working! Don't forget to setup swap partition :) So today this takes me down memory lane. Only 64MB RAM on the DNS-323? Wow that's so small. I bought it years ago (12). What else comes to mind with the magic number 64? Oh, my ol Commodore 64 from the 80's lol. That was 64 KB. Ha we came a long way today, and lost touch with our past :)

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