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  • 欧美人与动欧交视频|亚洲日本香蕉视频观看视频 Compact and fast, pleasant GUI, simple installation. This is a dream

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  • I have played with this os for years. I tend to use the best tool for what project I am working on. Q4OS is the best 32 bit / 64 bit integration environment for me. I use peppermint 9 64 primarily but I am seeking a smaller 32 bit footprint. Until I find it, I am sticking with Q4OS.

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  • 欧美人与动欧交视频|亚洲日本香蕉视频观看视频 Bom o projeto funcionar bem na minha raspberry 3b+plus

  • very usable project

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  • Nice spartan GUI, modern technologies, and sure no viruses for this OS.

  • 欧美人与动欧交视频|亚洲日本香蕉视频观看视频 I am loving this distribution with the Trinity Desktop Environment as it feature. I also like I can install other DE as well if I like to. I know that it not very well popular to know Trinity is lighter than XFCE. I am so excited with the XPQ4 theme for Q4OS, and the Bourbon menu that gives XPQ4 theme an XP feel to the theme. Having Dolphin as your main file browser is a plus, I learned to create short cuts for the Applications and Setting as booked marked in konqueror. I just installed LibreOffice 6 to my Q4OS Scorpion, and it took really well, no problems. So, yah, deb packages for Debian Stretch install nice and easly. Other Debian package I have installed are Skype, Etcher, Google Chrome, Master PDF Editor, MoneyDance, OnlyOffice, Opera, Projectlibre, and Mobile Media Converter 1.8.5 with the static ffmpeg. With a full install, I believe this is a great Linux for a beginner because of the XPQ4 theme of look and feel. The Bourbon menu helps too. Everything works out of the box, even with a 64 bit install of Firefox playing Netflix is a big plus! With Q4OS being in the top 50 to date, it is there, a new user of Linux could learn to install Debian package easly from the Q4OS forums, so there is much support over their. A new user can learn to customize the panel to launch applications, to understand the notifications, and multi-task open windows just as if in an MS Window environment. My only thing with Q4OS, is theming isn't easy as I expected liked I learned in LXDE or XFCE type DE. Other than that I am liking Q4OS a lot. Keep up the good work Q4OS team.

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  • As close to looking like XP as you can get as well as a nice search feature. All the nostalgia AND all the security. Simple easy and fun to use. I have installed it on my work machine. I like Zorin, but this is a slimline OS without sacrificing the features. Great for people who are used to XP or have trouble with using computers. 5 STARS!

  • 欧美人与动欧交视频|亚洲日本香蕉视频观看视频 This really is an excellent distro for low-spec 32bit machines! I used the XPQ4 plug-in on a friend's PC to ease his transission to linux ("I'm used to XP, I like it, and I don't want to change!"). Highly recommended!

  • 欧美人与动欧交视频|亚洲日本香蕉视频观看视频 My favorite distro, Excellent work!

  • 欧美人与动欧交视频|亚洲日本香蕉视频观看视频 Am glad to the developers for a new level of technology...keep uo

  • 欧美人与动欧交视频|亚洲日本香蕉视频观看视频 For a long time i was bored with many operating systems based on GNU/Linux. This one is different. It got very unique style, look and feel. It try to be simple for newcomers and for me i find it like that. I really liked it and was happy to test it. Soon i will try it on real hardware. I recommend it for newcomers and business users.

  • I have tried this system on a old low spec machine (intel atom 1.6ghz, 1gb memory, like most netbooks). Before that, i have tried many linux distros designed for low spec machine. This distribution was the best so far for its lightness, speed, functionnality and graphical beauty. One of the best and most original linux distro that deserves to be known.

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  • Q4os is very stable and well integrated into the underlying Debian system. No crashes or bugs were experienced. It's a good base to build your own if you like stability and the classic desktop TDE offers, a small footprint, low resource usage but still with a lot of functionality at your finger tips. In other words, i like Q4os very much.

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  • Tested the 1.1RC2 in a Virtual Box Environment,WOW,it's a life saver. Easy to use, light on resources. I was looking for distro simple enough for windows-polarized users.